The Hay Creek Festival at Joanna’s Furnace

Joanna’s Furnace, owned by the Hay Creek Historical Association, was a charcoal iron furnace from 1791-1898 in Berks County, PA. The 37th Annual Hay Creek Festival on September 5-7th, 2013 featured early American crafts, vintage machinery, apple pressing at the cider mill, a petting zoo, and much more…

Soup Making

including hearth-made soup,

Soup Hearth

candle making,

Candle Making

and a pit saw demonstration.

Pit Saw

You can read more about the festival in this newspaper article.

Hay Creek Festival

The Hay Creek Apple Festival will take place at Joanna’s Furnace on October 12-13th, 2013.

Joanna's Furnace





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