The Library of Congress


The Library of Congress in Washington, DC, is a cathedral of books. Founded in 1800, it is the world's largest library. The Thomas Jefferson Building opened in 1897, and Thomas Jefferson's personal library is on exhibit ....

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The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

pink rose close up

The roses are in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The Cranford Rose Garden opened in 1928 and holds one of the largest collections of roses in North ....

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The Philadelphia Flower Show

pink orchids

The theme of this year’s PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is Holland: Flowering the World. The show includes 6,000 flowers hanging upside down and 30,000 tulips at the entrance, plus an Ecodome. The large dome displays the Netherlands' green techniques ....

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Pinkalicious cover


Written by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann
Illustrated by Victoria Kann

HarperCollins, June 2006
(ISBN-13: 978-0-06-077639-8)

“Kann’s snappy prose is filled with subtle puns and jokes to keep astute readers chuckling. The tale is over the top enough to engage older readers while the younger set will be fascinated by the thought of becoming their favorite color.”–Kirkus Reviews

Junior Library Guild Selection, 2011 | Buckaroo Book Award Winner, 2010 | New York Times Bestseller | Publishers Weekly Bestseller | Scholastic Book Clubs Bestseller

Foreign Editions, Audio Pinkalicious

Purplicious cover


Written by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann
Illustrated by Victoria Kann

HarperCollins, October 2007
(ISBN-13: 978-0061244056)

In this colorful follow-up to the bestselling PINKALICIOUS, a young girl stays true to herself and discovers that pink isn’t only a pretty color — it’s also a powerful one.

New York Times Bestseller | Publishers Weekly Bestseller

Foreign Editions, Audio Purplicious