Fun for Kids and Grownups in Columbia, PA

What do cows and clocks have in common?

Columbia, PA in Lancaster County

where you can visit the Turkey Hill Experience

and the National Watch and Clock Museum.

Turkey Hill sign

At the Turkey Hill Experience,

you can learn about different types of tea,

Turkey Hill cow

make up your own ice cream flavor,

design the packaging and film the commercial,

cow - indoors Turkey Hill

or milk a mechanical cow,

how to milk a cow sign

and eat in the cafe.

Cafe at Turkey Hill

At the National Watch and Clock Museum,

you can view the largest clock collection in North America.

Read about it here: A Day Away at the National Watch & Clock Museum.

Nearby is Hinkle’s Pharmacy and restaurant and gift shop,

which opened in 1893, and made and sold the first paint-on Easter egg dye.

Doc Hinkle’s Egg Dye is still available there.



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