The Bicycle Man

bicycle man

Bob Swaim is known as the Bicycle Man.

bike show

He has a three person bike…

three person bike

He has a companion bike…

companion bike

He┬áhas a bike for winter…

winter bike

He even has a conference bike…

group bike

But he doesn’t have this bike…

Pinkalicious bike


1 comment to The Bicycle Man

  • Bob Swaim(aka Bob the Bike Man)

    Hi HPV fans,

    You are right that I do not have that unique bicycle for a young person.
    The young person who has or had that bike make turn into a bike collector as an adult. There are very few female bike collectors….we need more.
    That is why many collectible female bikes are not collected to the degree that they should be because of the rareness of female bike collectors.

    Thanks for your interest in human powered vehicles!

    Take care,

    Bob Swaim